The Country Club New Orleans has been a neighborhood gem for more than 35 years. This historic Bywater  Center Hall home, offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the French Quarter.

With a grand hard wood and granite bar,  beautifully appointed dining rooms, and a lush back yard with cabana lounge and pool, our New Orleans oasis is the ultimate place for locals and tourists to come together over food, drink and fun.

Country Club Mission Statement:

The Country Club is your “home away from home” in New Orleans’ Bywater neighborhood, immediately adjacent to The French Quarter. We offer great food and drinks in a casual, warm and welcoming environment that is accepting of all.  Our clean, safe and well designed buildings, recreational facilities and grounds, provide a unique environment for relaxation, fun, and socializing. CC staff are family and we endeavor to make each member and guest who walks in the door, an extension of our family. The Club is a special place in the easy New Orleans landscape. We are pleased and proud to have created and maintain an engaging environment.


The Country Club, located at 634 Louisa Street in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans was built circa 1884. The home was built as an historic Italianate Raised Center Hall Cottage. In June, 1883 Anne McAvoy and her husband George B. Canby purchased the undeveloped land from George W. Nott, for $3,500. When Ms. McAvoy died in 1892, her husband married their servant girl Bridget Ryan, who was 37 years his junior. Upon Mr. Canby’s death one year later in 1893, the widow Ms. Ryan married James H. Degnan. When Ms. Ryan passed away circa 1918, the home was left to widower Degnan and his mother-in-law, Margret Hynes. The two owners then sold the property to James N. Walsh in July of 1918 for $4,700. Mr. Walsh died a year later, and his widow lost the home in September of 1919 to James Degnan and his mother-in-law, Margret Hynes, who held the note on the property. They kept the home for another year and a half, and then sold 634 Louisa to Pierre Armand Dubus and his wife, Martha Ada Allen Dubus, in January of 1921 for $5,000.

Mr. and Mrs. Dubus sold the home to their daughter Anna Dubus and her husband Walter Fitzpatrick in October of 1927 for $10,000. They never occupied the property they had purchased. Instead, they rented it back to Pierre and Martha, so they could continue to raise Anna’s four siblings. During the depression, the family fell on hard times and Anna Dubus and Walter Fitzpatrick sold the home at a loss to Louis Aiena and his wife, Leonelle Aiena, for $4,500 in December of 1940. Mr. Aiena passed away in 1946, and left the home to his widow Leonelle and their two children. For the next 20 years the home fell into disrepair and the family opened the home up to wayward travelers as a boarding home. In July of 1976 the heirs of the estate of Louis Aiena sold the property to Robert F. Hudson for $32,000, who, it is believed, turned the property into a dispatch service for a local New Orleans Taxi Cab Service. The rear yard was used for fixing broken cabs, while the inside served as the dispatch office. The business did not do well. However Mr. Hudson was able to double his money one year later, in July of 1977, when he sold the property for $64,000 to three young gentlemen by the names Douglas Williams, Daniel Wilson and Gary Clay.

These three men are the founders of The Country Club. They installed the pool in the backyard immediately after purchasing 634 Louisa Street in the summer of 1977. They opened the bar and catered to a gay clientele. It was only open in the warmer months, April thru October, and probably for a few crazy parties in the winter. The partners had had enough of each other by February of 1978, when Douglas Williams bought out his two partners for $9,000 each. When the summer of that same year was over, Mr. Williams sold The Country Club and property to Jacqueline McPherson for $120,000.

Ms. McPherson saw the potential of the business and purchased the adjacent Double Shotgun property 626 & 628 Louisa from Catherine Mule. She rented the two units out, and merged the backyard of that property with that of the backyard of 634 Louisa to make one grand pool area. Ms. McPherson continued to run The Country Club for many years until she finally sold it to Blake Miller in March of 2000. Mr. Miller continued to own and operate the business as his predecessor had done until he sold The Country Club in February of 2003 to its current owner.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on The Country Club. Although there was no flooding on the property, the wind damage demolished most of the chimneys for the ten fireplaces. They fell through the roof, ceiling and floors of the club. The wooden pool deck was mostly ripped up and partially blown away. There was damage from rain water throughout the main house, and in the cabana bar as well. The current owner was not about to let it get the best of him. He underwent an extensive remodel of the club. Without any regard for cost, he painstakingly restored the home to the closest approximation of its original grandeur in 1884, when Ms. McAvoy and Mr. Canby built their home.

The commercial kitchen was added in 2007 in what used to be Mr. & Mrs. Dubus’ master bedroom, the “Octagon Room” as they referred to it. The Double Parlor and the Single Parlor, now referred to as the North and South Claiborne Room, and the Jefferson Room, respectively, are where our Dining Parlors are, along with the Front Veranda for dining and cocktailing.

The Finnish Sauna and locker room was added in the spring of 2010 in the west wing of the main house. In April of 2012 the main bar was completely remodeled with a Black Walnut and Granite walk around bar with large TVs visible from every seat. The entrance to the Champagne Room and Billiard Room were opened up to access the bar more easily and give it more of an open floor plan while still preserving the original moldings and doorways.

We enjoy opening our home up to you. Just as the Canby, Dubus and Aiena families would have opened their home up to friends and families for lavish dinner and cocktail parties over the years. So sit back and relax, as you soak up the beauty of this old house and let our family take care of you, our guests.

Country Club Management Team:

Albert McComas
General Manager

Tony Ceratti
Dining Manager

James Weeser
Bar Manager

Lorin Gaudin
Marketing Manager

Heather Peed
Event Coordinator