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The Country Club’s command of our culinary art and expression is evident in our menus. Our melt-in-your-mouth dishes clearly show off our  mastery of flavor. Each new recipe is skillfully prepared using fresh Gulf Coast ingredients and focuses on American bistro flavors. Some dishes put a contemporary spin on our classic southern favorites while other dishes are bold and innovative approaches to the food and flavors of Louisiana we know and love. Our servers are down-to-earth and efficient.

Dining at The Country Club, be it in our parlor room, on the veranda or by the pool, is an experience you’ll never want to end. As an Ambush Mag editor reported after a recent visit,” The Country Club Brunch was FABulous! Great food, staff, and ambiance.”

Restaurant Hours:
Sun. – Thurs. 10am-9pm, Fri. & Sat. 10am-10pm
Brunch: Sat. & Sun. 10am-3pm
Late Night Menu available every day.